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Eddie's adventures into Open Source

  • 2004

    Hackathon, first ever mini hackathon

    A friend invites Eddie to a mini hackathon and his world changes forever!

  • 2009

    Open Source, first contribution

    Fixing a typo, to fix a bug, contributing to Open Source and collaborating to improve technology for everyone, Eddie's world changed again!

  • 2010

    Freelancing, started working for myself

    Eddie starts his own business consulting for companies as a fullstack developer. Clients include UK Government departments, UK banks, global fintechs and startups.

  • 2017

    YouTube, starting documenting events & people

    Eddie starts his YouTube channel "Eddie Jaoude" to document tech events and to give people in the tech community a voice.

  • 2020

    GitHub Star, 30 people out of 55M+

    "Recognising those who go above and beyond. Lift up the people who inspire and educate your communities with the GitHub Stars program"

  • 2021

    GitHub Star of the year, Star of 2020

    "Eddie contributes to the community through his GitHub & open source videos, inspiring current & future Stars, and providing feedback via the program"

  • 2021

    GitHub Nova, Community Growth Award 2021

    For growing the EddieHub Community to over 30k members.

De La Rue
Ministry of Justice (MoJ) UK
RBS Natwest bank UK
Engine Group Transform UK
MLH Hacks | MLHacks
Aevi International Bank
Rent to kill (City Link)

Eddie is probably the most genuine and kind person I know in tech! Providing opportunities and consistently cheering without expecting anything in return!

Anaïs Urlichs

Dev Evangelist at CodeFresh

Tan Li Hau

SvelteJS Maintainer

Thanks @eddiejaoude, for making me fall in love with open source communities. You have shown me the power and a kinda ever lasting support that a community can be.

Aditya Das


Vyom Jain


My Schedule

Wednesday, YouTube Video

This is when Eddie's weekly tutorials drop! Learn about fullstack web development, Open Source and DevOps.

Friday 5pm BST, Live Stream

Every week Eddie engages with his audience live, covering a wide range of topics such as getting everyone involved in Open Source contributions, reviewing the community's Open Source projects, trying new technologies and answering questions from the community. These live streams also feature guests for a live discussion about the tech industry. Past guests include GitHub Stars from around the World, founders of tech startups and experts.

Monthly, Sponsors Call

Eddie and his GitHub Sponsors come together to share their ideas and experiences. To join our call you can sponsor me for as a little as $1 per month on GitHub Sponsors

Last Saturday (monthly) 5pm BST, Community Call

On the last Saturday of the month, Eddie and his Mods host a multi community audio call on Discord for the EddieHub community and friends. Everyone is welcome! Join this inclusive call and speak to other community members. This is an inclusive and safe space where people of all technical abilities are encouraged to join.

Let's create a fullstack app using NextJS (React) and DataStax NoSQL AstraDB, with the help of GitHub's Copilot.


Fullstack using NextJS (React)

Are there terms like: tag/release, commit, branch, fork, project board, label, milestone, action ... that you are not sure what they are? In this free 30 minute video I will show you.

GitHub Mini Bootcamp

Debbie O’Brien is Head of Learning and Developer Advocate at NuxtJS, the progressive VueJS framework. Debbie has over 10 years experience in Frontend development

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