Hi I’m Eddie!

Open Source fullstack developer focusing on Javascript, Typescript and DevOps.

Community builder, Content Creator, Public Speaker and GitHub Star.

Services - Providing a bespoke DevRel service

Whether you are looking to amplify your project or product within the tech community, I can help.

  • Social Media posts

    Twitter and LinkedIn posts, replies, retweets, threads and videos.

    Hosting and participating in TwitterSpaces.

  • YouTube video / live

    Long form content includes tutorials, reviews and interviews.

  • Public Speaking

    In-person or virtual public speaking, including keynotes, workshops, panels and hackathons.

  • Technical writing / blogs

    Creating, reviewing and amplifying your project or product through blog posts.

  • Open Source Consulting

    Working with clients to make their projects Open Source.

Work with me

It’s difficult to describe in such a few words what Eddie has done and he is doing for the Developer community. The passion he transmits online is only 1/10 of the one he transmits live.

Francesco Ciulla

What I do

A developer at heart I founded an Open Source SaaS platform.

I also speak and create content aimed at bringing awareness to Open Source projects, tools and career development.


GitHubOpen Source SaaS


Connect to your audience with a single link. Open Source SaaS Platform aimed at the tech community where you can create a Profile with your links and resume, connect and collaborate with others. Built with NextJS, MongoDB. Check out the GitHub Repo - I would love to have your contribution!

YouTube Channel

YouTubeOpen Source

YouTube Channel

Find a mix of tutorials, livestreams and vlogs on all things tech. I learn and teach in public about the latest Open Source technologies and document my journey as a SaaS founder and community builder.

Public Speaking

SpeakingOpen Source

Public Speaking

I enjoy speaking on subjects such as Open Source and career development, in-person or virtually. Whether at a bespoke intimate workshop or a 3000 seat arena, I always aim to deliver my message in a passionate, welcoming and inclusive way.

I have worked with many great companies and teams...

  • Appwrite
  • Novu
  • DailyDotDev
  • VMware Tanzu
  • MLH
  • Percona
  • DataStax
  • CodiumAI
  • Mind DBs