It is not just about coding, it is about communication and collaboration!

Accelerate your career. Get the jobs, clients, projects and money you deserve!

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    The course is currently being created. By signing up, you will be the first to know about when it is ready

  • How much will it cost?

    We are currently researching how best to charge for the course for maximum impact. By signing up you will be more likely to be made aware of early discounts and rewards.

  • If I sign up, do I have to buy the course?

    NO! You do not have to buy the course, this is only to keep you updated on the progress and on any offers.

Topics to be covered...

  • What is open source and why you should care

  • Benefits of getting involved in open source, how it can accelerate your skills and career 

  • How to make money directly and indirectly from Open Source

  • What is GitHub and how to use it

  • What is git, the top most useful commands, and how to write good commit messages

  • What is markdown and how to use it

  • How to contribute to open source and find projects

  • How to write great Issues and Pull Requests to get them to stand out and be accepted

  • How to make your open source projects stand out to get more contributors as a maintainer

  • How to host your website for free on GitHub Pages

  • GitHub features: Issues, Labels, Milestones, Pull Requests, Project boards, GitHub Actions

  • ... and more!

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Eddie Jaoude

Fullstack, Open Source expert, YouTube, GitHub Star and GitHub Star of 2020! Passionate about community and getting you the job and money that you deserve!

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