Building a Fullstack app using SvelteKit with Datastax's NoSQL Astra DB

In this tutorial you will learn how to build a fullstack app using SvelteKit with DataStax's cloud NoSQL database Astra DB. The features we will be building are part of a community platform demo project.


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Kaiwalya Koparkar

Find out how Kaiwalya got into tech and how he pursued his dream of becoming a hacker. We also dive into what this EddieHub Moderator's dream job would look like and as always, what Open Source means to him.


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What's on Eddie's desk: home edition

You will probably have seen Eddie's desk set up on livestreams or on socials.  In this blog find out what kit Eddie uses to create these streams and also his videos when at home in the UK.  What does your desk look light?  Share your set up on socials and don't forget to tag us!


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How to approach speakers for your events.

Here at EddieHub we receive many requests for Eddie Jaoude to speak at events, which is such an honour.  We believe the process of contacting a speaker should be seamless.  It is with this in mind that we have created this blog post, designed to help other communities think about what they need when they are contacted to speak at events, or if they are contacting speakers for their own events.


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Building a fullstack app using Angular, ExpressJS and DataStax's Astra DB

In this tutorial you will learn how to build a fullstack app using Angular and ExpressJS with DataStax's cloud NoSQL database Astra DB. By using Open Source tools such as MVC framework Angular, Material UI Design, RESTful APIs and NoSQL database, you will be gaining a foundation for making most apps, allowing you to create your ideas into real projects


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Vyom Jain (aka Vyvy-vi)

If you are part of EddieHub, then the likelihood is that every time you see a potato…you think of Vyom Jain, or Vyvy-vi as he is most commonly known. Read this edition of Community Spotlight to find out how this EddieHub maintainer and moderator got his start in tech and as well as his insights on Open Source.


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Covering Letters: A Guide

Your CV is ready...you have identified your dream job... but now you need to write the covering letter. 


Writing a covering letter which shows you in the best possible light and has an impact as to whether you go on to the next step of the selection process can be a daunting task. Here is a comprehensive guide on the various things to think about when drafting your next covering letter!


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How your diet can help with your brain power

We have all been there... you have a work deadline or you might be studying for exams, you might even have decided to join a 24-hour hackathon.  So you grab the closest food to you or you might even completely forget to eat! The next thing you know, you have a headache, brain fog and you cannot concentrate at all. At EddieHub we want you to avoid feeling this way, so this blog suggests the types of food which help with memory and concentration.


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Hackathons: What are they? Should I attend?


Building a fullstack app using NextJS and DataStax with the help of Copilot

In this tutorial you will learn how to build a fullstack app using NextJS, a React framework, and DataStax's AstraDB for the cloud NoSQL database. Plus, we will be using GitHub's Copilot, an AI pair programmer.


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Eddie's Adventures into Open Source

Find out about Eddie's journey into Open Source: from skipping coding classes at university, joining his first hackathon, what contributing to Open Source was like without GitHub to using it as a calling card for attracting employers, and finally, Eddie's decision to document his journey.


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Tom Schmelzer

In this edition of Community Spotlight, find out how Tom from Germany, who you may know by the handle “schmelto”, has been fascinated with tech his whole life and how he keeps on challenging himself to ensure that he keeps on learning and progressing. 


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And relax…..Tips and tools to make the most of your downtime

There are so many interesting topics which the EddieHub Community discuss on the Discord #wellness channel, and we think its great that you are taking the time to think about what you can do to unwind, take care of your mind and body. In this blog we share suggestions on how you can make the most of your time off - be that 10 minutes or 10 days. 


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Public Speaking Tips

You don’t need to be brand new at public speaking to feel nervous before a speech, a client meeting or answering questions in class.  Even seasoned professionals will feel their heart race before public speaking. Here are a few tips which we hope will help you with your public speaking!


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Cahl (Julian)

Cahl is a Junior Software Developer in Web-Technologies based in Germany. Read the Community Spotlight on Cahl to find out how he came across EddieHub and the great work he has been doing in the Community's API project.


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Using "Low Code" as a Developer

In this blog post, go behind the scenes with Eddie as he talks about his decision to use “low code” when building his website and the community’s website. 


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Hubber's Favourite Smoothie

Tech is a way of live and we know all our community members love what they do  - but it is so important to look after yourself.  At EddieHub we want to make sure all our members take time to reset - and we love suggesting ideas for this! In the first blog post of our Wellness section, we share with you a recipe for a quick smoothie packed with lots of fruit.


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How to join EddieHub

It is great to see the EddieHub community growing, but one of the most asked questions is "How do I join?"  In this post we have given you a step-by-step guide on how to join this inclusive Open Source tech community and its features.  We look forward to meeting new members!


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Karuna Tata

Karuna from Hyderabad in India, has been a member of EddieHub since November 2020.  In this post we discover how Karuna got into tech, what being part of a community means to her and how this has affected her outlook. 


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Jose David Pereira

In this blog post we shine the spotlight on Jose David Pereira, or "Bolt" as he is known in the tech community. He is a Software Consultant in Lisbon, Portugal.


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