Community Spotlight

Vyom Jain (aka: Vyvy-vi)

If you are part of EddieHub, then the likelihood is that every time you see a potato…you think of Vyom Jain, or Vyvy-vi as he is most commonly known.  


Vyom will be starting university soon and has been interested in tech since he was thirteen, when he picked up some mechanics sets, followed by Arduino where Vyom started off with the basics such as: turning lights on and off as well as making motors spin. This progressed into Vyom looking at programming languages and making text-adventure games.  In Vyom’s opinion however, his learnings in tech only really started when he was passed an O’Reilly Python book which he went through solving the problems, automating things and creating projects with Python.

In 2019, Vyom made his Discord and GitHub account and, by his own admission, at that stage he did not know how to write good Open Source code or the meaning of “best practices”. With Discord, Vyom really enjoyed making Discord bots which eventually led him to start attending hackathons and events online.  It was at one of those events that Vyom met another EddieHub community member, Aditya Oberai, who coincidently was on a livestream with Eddie.  It was the ideas that were shared during that livestream that led Vyom to join EddieHub.


For Vyom, being asked to be a moderator and maintainer at EddieHub was completely unexpected.  We have to disagree with Vyom here - it made complete sense for him to have these roles. Vyom is constantly helping everyone - to such an extent we do sometimes worry about his wellbeing as his responses come day and night! The responses which Vyom provides always give context and value; he is an example of someone going the extra mile to help other community members, through the use of links to official documentation and relevant examples.  Vyom approaches these roles with a sensible and professional approach.  


We all have our preferred technologies, and we really admire how Vyom is able to adapt the expertise and skills he has in his own preferred tools, into helping others with queries in other technologies. 


In the last 18 months, the biggest challenge for Vyom has been the effect that Covid-19 has had on the education system and more particularly the delays this has caused. Not knowing what is happening with the timings for applications for universities has been quite demotivating for Vyom -  as a result, the temptation to start reading the CS textbooks is far greater than his motivation to study for the university entrance examinations!


Creating better, transparent software that is reliable and can be used by others to learn - that is what Open Source means to Vyom.  He points out that it is not just about having a github/gitlab/bitbucket account and throwing projects on to the site. In Vyom’s opinion, Open Source is more of a way of creating an atmosphere where all types of developers can approach your projects and have positive experiences, while contributing to them or learning from them. This helps everyone improve their development and people skills. It is a means of sharing what you learn, getting feedback on it, and then developing it further. A vital aspect of Open Source, for Vyom, is that it does not have gate-keepers and forms an atmosphere where everyone has access to new developments, design and techniques.


For Vyom, EddieHub offers a place where he can learn and help others learn - not only development skills but also people skills. For a self-confessed introvert and someone who on occasion suffers from “imposter syndrome”, Vyom has found that EddieHub’s diversity has given him the chance to communicate with people from all over the world. 


We are so pleased that Vyom feels that EddieHub has added value to his life and we cannot see what he does in the future!



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