Public Speaking Tips

You don’t need to be brand new at public speaking to feel nervous before a speech, a client meeting or answering questions in class.  Even seasoned professionals will feel their heart race before public speaking.  Sometimes these nerves can even manifest themselves in wanting to say something but the words just not coming out…almost like a car that won’t start!


Here are a few tips which we hope will help you with your public speaking!


  • Watch more public speakers

    TedEx on YouTube is an excellent resource showcasing talks in different languages and a wide variety of topics. Watching how other speakers deliver their presentation is a good way to see how they approach this and will help you develop your own style. 

  • Feel empowered

    Studies show that putting your hands behind your head for two minutes will lower your stress levels by 20%.

  • Breathe

    Slowing down your breathing in the minute before doing a speech will release nervous energy.

  • Use Notes Sparingly

    Try to memorise your speech as this will make you appear more confident and professional.  Remember - you are not reading an essay.  Your notes should have bullet points outlining the main points.

  • Take your time

    If you are given a time limit refine your speech until it fits comfortably into that time allotment.  

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  • Posture

    Plant your feet to maintain posture.  If you are presenting sitting down then sit straight. 

  • Smile

    This is one of our most powerful weapons.  Even if you are only on audio, your audience will be able to tell that you are smiling.  This will demonstrate you are at ease but also, that you want to be there.

  • Look at your audience in the eyes

    Whether in person or video call, this will make your audience feel important and valued.  Talk TO your audience, not AT them.

  • Connect with your audience

    Make it personal. Build empathy with your audience.

  • Think about your language

    Keep your language simple and focus on a problem-solving perspective.

  • Hard questions? 

    Asked a difficult or unexpected question which caught you off guard? Pause and breathe slowly: this will give you time to think of a reply.  

    Don't know the answer? That's ok - it is better to admit this than to fake an answer.  You can say that you will look into it and get back to the questioner later.  This will also give you a chance to engage with your audience after the event.


  • Celebrate!

    When you are out of sight or your camera/mic is off - do your victory dance! You did it!

Has this blog inspired you to try out these tips?  Then join the EddieHub Community Public Speaking call which takes place every Saturday 1.30pm BST on Discord. This event is moderated by Community Members Kaiwalya KoparkarKunal VermaVyom Jain and Karuna Tata. In Kaiwalya's opinion, if you do not have an opportunity to practice public speaking (especially in a different language to your native language), this could hinder your communication skills.  Why not practice with people with whom you often collaborate and are comfortable with?

This call is audio only and will give you the opportunity to practice or just listen to everyone's experiences. The Moderators do an amazing job at keeping the sessions interactive, and you might find that the people you meet will become lifelong collaborators and friends. 


As with all EddieHub events, this is a safe and welcoming environment.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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